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Hot tips for first time dating

October 16th, 2012

Here are a few DONTs that will help you along if you’re new to dating or just getting back into it.

    …drink too much before your date to settle your nerves. Tripping up, slurring and swearing are a real put off.
    …dress in dirty or scruffy clothes. You create a lasting impression within the first 12 seconds! Make sure it’s the right lasting impression that first time!
    …be late and turn up all sweaty and smelly straight from work. Not a good idea!
    …hog the conversation. Take care to listen – it takes two to make conversation.
    …expect the other person to pay for everything. Make sure you have some cash or card with you and agree together the payment arrangements.
    …take each other for granted. Just because you’re having a laugh and a good time, it doesn’t mean it’s a “yes” to sex!
    …be too vulnerable or be taken in too easily with heartfelt stories asking for loans of money. This is usually a scam and unfortunately some people prey on others’ loneliness.
    …be constantly texting and looking at your mobile phone. Show some good manners and you’ll likely be shown some back.

Look out for some very important DOs to come next time!

What tips do you have? Let us know in the comments…

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