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Reached that awkward point in time when all of your friends have significant others and you seem to be the only single person you know? Low on opportunities to meet anyone not already in a relationship? Cautious of dating sites or introduction agencies because of bad experiences or negative things you’ve heard from others?

Well, firstly we know exactly how you feel – we’re not just saying that, we ACTUALLY DO! We’ve been in the situation where everyone in the world seems to have someone and we’ve had that constant feeling of being the odd one out or the friend who needs just one space at the dinner party (how inconvenient?)- It’s something we know all too well.

And then there are the websites which guarantee the ideal match. Ideal for who? Unrealistic expectations, out of date photos, ‘slightly’ inaccurate ages….don’t get us started…

Let’s not get too down about it. Being single can be great. You are master of your own destiny, you can have things just as you like them, you are spoiled by the opportunities you have for ‘me time’. But every now again there are occasions where it would be nice to have someone to take along to an event or a party, even just to go to the cinema and enjoy a film you’ve been looking forward to for ages. But surely that means trudging through those sites with reams of ‘ideal partners’ who might just be too good to be true? Not necessarily, read on……

So, here’s a totally fresh approach – Ice-Breaking Introductions. Designed and lovingly run by people who care about providing a genuine and honest service rather than a company who just want to gather introduction fees and ‘hope for the best’. It’s literally a breath of fresh air – in fact it’s more than fresh, it’s arctic!!

You control the level of involvement you have and the way in which you want to be introduced to like-minded people. Of course there is an element of matching – we would be letting you down if we didn’t at least look for some degree of compatibility – but we also give you the opportunity to find out more for yourself at any number of formal or informal events we organise on your behalf. The only things we guarantee are that you will feel comfortable and have fun; everything else is just a work in progress.