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Ice–Breaking Introductions Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction 

1. These conditions apply to all visitors to the site and anyone applying for registration to use the services of Ice-breaking introductions LLP Conditions set out in section 2

2. All these conditions are relevant to customers who must read this document in this entirety.

3. These terms & conditions (the “Conditions”), set out the terms on which the customer agrees to   use the services and the terms on which a customer or visitor to the site may access the site.

4. The site may only be used by, and the services only provided that he or she is 18 or more. By using the site, a visitor to the site confirms that he or she is aged 18 or more.

5. On accessing the site and upon any subsequent registration with us, after personal consultation.  The customer or visitor acknowledges that he or she has read and accepted terms & conditions.

2. Definitions

1. “Us /We/Our” means Ice-Breaking Introductions LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered with the registrar of companies for England and Wales at companies house, dated 13th June 2012 incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000 Partnership number OC375999 and the situation of the registered office is on England and Wales.

2. “Confidential information” means all information, which is confidential in nature or which is specifically identified by Us as confidential, including (but without limitation) personal information Relating to any person which is provided to the Customer by Us save to the extent that the person to whom such information relates has indicated to the customer that they no longer be treated as confidential by the customer.

3. “Contract period” means the contractual period during which the customer contracts with Us for Us to provide Membership Services as chosen by customer to him or her.

4. “Cooling off period” means 14 days following the date on which the Customer receives confirmation from Us that his or her application for membership was successful.

5. “Customer” means any person who has personally registered or is in the process of registering   for services on the site

6. “Customer Contract” means the contract made between Us and the customer for the supply of  Services.

7. “Intellectual Property Rights” means all intellectual and industrial property rights throughout the world including (but without Limitation) Copyrights, patents, know- how, trademarks, databases rights topography rights and all designs in each case both registered and unregistered together with all rights to apply for, renew or extend any of the foregoing, and all rights to prevent passing off or unfair competition.

8. “Material” means any and all information and content on the site including (but without     Limitation) text, graphics, software, images and other such material

9. “Premium Memberships Services” means those Services which are chargeable as explained in Conditions 3(3) below and as further detailed in condition 3(4) below and elsewhere on this site

10. “Services” means those services described in condition 3(4) below

11. “Site” means being operated by Us.

12. “Visitor to the site” means any person accessing the site who is not a Customer

13. “Web Access Contract” means the contract made between Us and the Customer or Visitor to site each time they access the site.

3. The Access and Customer Contracts   

1. All customers and visitors (Hatchlings) must attend a personal consultation where we obtain a good understanding and direction of what type of membership the person requires The completion of  the registration will constitute your request to receive services from Us. After selecting preferred membership Customer Contract will be issued.  No Customer Contract will come into existence until completion of the registration process.

2. Once the customer has chosen his or her preferred membership a contract will be issued, when the appropriate joining fee has been received the relevant services for that membership will be in operation

3. After the personal consultation using the answers from personal questions we assess the character and personality traits and desires .We will create an individual personal profile for each exclusive member to go on web-site we can also offer personal video profiles if desired which will have an extra charge.  We will provide the service, which relates to the appropriate membership Hatchling Rock Hopper, King or Emperor.

4. From our results, the member will be able to receive profiles of other members with whom they are most compatible. If both parties are interested in communicating, or meeting we will facilitate the contact between the members where both parties agree that we may do so. If the member has noticed another member on the site and would like to communicate we will check with both parties and facilitate between them.

5. Members may choose to upgrade their membership, which will terminate the existing contract. a new contract will be issued from that date. And the new charges will apply immediately for the chosen membership.

6. The Introductions offered will be based on our results of Personality, compatibility, hobbies likes and dislikes any other additional information provided by the member will be recorded on our database, where they will be compared with other members information. The member will receive compatible profiles of other members with whom they are most compatible. we make every endeavour to verify the accuracy of the material from our members.

7. Whilst we make every effort offer a compatible introduction we cannot guarantee the outcome

8. The Member undertakes not to misuse the services and, in particular not the use of services on the site: A. To perform any illegal or objectionable activity; B. To send messages or communications which are offensive, abusive defamatory, obscene, menacing or illegal; C. To distribute defaming, pornographic or other illegal material; D. To promise or request money.  Should a member breach any of its obligations above will result in membership being terminated.  The member agrees to keep all information, in particular his or her contact details and payment details up to date.  The member is required to keep confidential all confidential information disclosed to him or her about other members, introductions within the provisions of the service.

Payment terms & Conditions 

9. Once the customer’s application for membership services has been accepted and the payment transaction has been completed successfully, the Customers method of payment will be applied immediately.

10. An invoice will be processed and dispatched to the customer for payment with the selected payment terms agreed. The first initial payment will be required before services are activated Where payment is agreed to made in instalments, these must be paid on the agreed due date no more than 30 days after, any delay or default by the member in making payments will render all remaining instalments due immediately,

11. The member will be liable for all costs incurred by us resulting from any credit, debit card or other payment application not being duly met or made at the first attempt.

12. All weekly or monthly fees should be paid by Standing order or Direct debit or Internet banking on the agreed date, any default by the member in making late payments interest will be charged. and could revoke membership. The member agrees to keep payments up to date.

13. All invoices for events for events must be paid in full 7 days prior to the event date; payments can be made by Credit or Debit card or via internet banking.