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A little one without full membership privileges just yet, the Hatchling account gives access to the Ice-Breaking Introductions website to have a peek at the photographs of other members and look at and book future events as a visitor.


As the first stage of joining, the Rockhopper membership gives full access to the website and members profiles and allows bookings for events and introductions to be made via the Ice Breaking office.


Getting a little more involved, with King membership you have full access to the website and member profiles, concessions for all Ice Breaker events and the added excitement of three possible compatible matches within a six month period.


It’s the No. 1 spot with Ice-Breaking Emperor lifetime membership, giving full access to the website and profiles, offering special prices for Ice Breaker events as you might expect but also extending to six compatible introductions within a 12 month period.


Have a look at the flexibility you can enjoy in our membership options. There are no catches and no hidden costs – you commit only to the degree that you want to and you can upgrade to the next level if and when you feel ready to.

A Hatchling account allows you to have your first sneaky peek at what we could do for you. It will allow you access to the website and give you the opportunity to book onto an Ice Breaking event as a visitor.

From Rockhopper through to Emperor there are membership privileges which will allow you to make the best use of our profile listings, events and introductions. King and Emperor also give generous discount on the events themselves so if you plan on being a very active (and very sociable) member then these are probably best for you.

For each of the membership options we will arrange an introductory consultation, most probably at our office over a cup of coffee or two. This initial meeting will be around an hour and will give us the details we need to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to let us know exactly what you expect from us as your agency, a job we take very seriously.

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